The WRU assures all volunteers that it will fully support and protect anyone who, in good faith reports his or her concerns about the possibility that a child may be being abused.

Child abuse concerns can arise in many different situations and contexts. It is not the role of anyone within the sport to investigate possible child abuse concerns but it is essential that everyone clearly understands the action that must be taken. For further detail please see the WRU reporting flow chart in this section.

The WRU have an Incident referral form which clearly guides you through what information needs to be collected, this form is also available in this section.

Stay calm and ensure that the child feels safe and is not at any immediate risk
Show the child that you have heard what they are saying, and that you take their allegations seriously
Encourage the child to talk, but do not prompt or ask leading questions
Don't interrupt when the child is recalling significant events
Recognise any difficulties the child may have in explaining the incidents
Reassure the child that they have done the right thing in revealing the information.
Explain what actions you must take, in a way that is appropriate to the age of the child
Do not promise to keep what you have been told secret or confidential, as you have a responsibility to disclose information to those who need to know. Reporting concerns is not a betrayal of trust
Write down (WRU Incident report form) as soon as you can, use the exact words if possible


If they are not available, report the matter to the Safeguarding Manager or Coordinator within the WRU. Everyone has a legal and moral responsibility to respond to any concerns about the welfare of young people.

Don't tackle it alone pass it on